TECH?NO! BOWL now available for purchase!

I have a copy of techno bowl and this game is a blast!

bombshell games

TECHNO BOWL, the game voted the Most Anticipated Sports Game of 2017 on Board Game Geek, is now available for purchase! It can be found online at both Funagain Games and Miniature Market. Customers in the UK and EU can contact me directly through the site for purchase inquiries that are UK/EU shipping friendly.


  • Design your own formations and plays on-the-fly!
  • 5 unique modes of play including arcade, pro, and the over-the-top INFERNO mode!
  • 7-vs-7 or 8-vs-8 gameplay
  • Revolutionary skill check system provides constant action and excitement with zero down time!
  • 26 unique player skills
  • 32 MFL teams to master, each with their own unique play style


  • 592 player and scouting cards [all 32 MFL teams!]
  • 256 player tokens [8 for each of the 32 MFL teams!]
  • 12 fire tokens
  • 4 down markers
  • 4 skill check dice
  • 2 PLAYMAKER dice
  • 20 clear acrylic stands

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