Updates on New Power of 12 Games

The Company Man Expansion for Deniable Asset is in its first stage of review.

I have also begun work on a Sci-Fi setting: Alpha Star.

I wanted to combine character types from Sci-Fi RPG games I have enjoyed over the years like SLA and Shadowrun, and wonderful Sci-Fi dramas such as Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, and Star Trek.

Alpha Star is just coming together but the backstory is this: somewhere in the future Earth’s sun is due to suffer Core Hydrogen Exhaustion and Earth will be uninhabitable.  This occurs billions of years too early.  No one knows why: yet.

The people of Earth are no where near discovering light speed or anyway of traveling to other star systems.  The answer is to send out colony ships, with  colonists in hyper-sleep, and hope that one day they will find a new place to call home.  Scientists are sent along, working in small teams, hoping to eventually make scientific discoveries.  As they reach old age, a new team is woken up to continue the work.

Alpha Star is one of twelve colony ships sent out.  Its destination is Alpha Centauri.  78,000 years into their journey, something happens…


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