New Games on the Horizon

I have had two games in the works now, far enough that I can say with certainty one of them will see the light of day this year:  Of Gods and Monsters and Deniable Asset Company Man.

Of Gods and Monsters

Of Gods and Monsters is set in 1866 – in a slightly altered timeline – in a the nation of Gothstria.  It is what was to become Northern Italy in our timeline.  The events of the 4th Christian Crusade in 1204 altered what was to happen.

Venice is a ruin of its former self and New London sits along the banks of the River Stratford – what we call the Piave in our timeline –  in the center of the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Gothic Victorian is a good setting description.  Hints of magic and the occult mixed in with perhaps a touch of steam.  The Modus Operandi for the characters are reminiscent of the time perhaps with a nudge to Cthulhu as it is often played today.

More to come.

Deniable Asset Company Man

Deniable Asset returns – It received an Ennie Award in 2013 – with a new flavor: your agent works for “The Company” – a large holding firm with fingers in every pie in the world.  It’s goal: wealth.  Your job – whatever is needed in the name of their avarice!

Updated and additional rules take advantage of some of the play testing time I have spent on Of Gods and Monsters seeing what works and what doesn’t.

  • Changes to the dice cap
  • Streamlined gear and support team
  • Other changes as they come!

More to come.

I am having a blast working on these projects.

I hope to bring them to you soon.

Until then.

One added idea that I wanted to toss out there.

I am going to add three levels of Gear and Support Team.  The terms may differ between games, but for Deniable Asset they will be: Personal, Vehicle, and Epic.

When gear or support team members are first created using character points, they are designated as one of the three levels.

Personal gear and support team members are useful at the personal level of conflict: inside a building, on a street, person to person.

Vehicle gear and support team members are useful at the vehicle level: car chase, piloting small aircraft or pleasure boats, etc…

Epic gear and support team members are useful at the epic level: airship, jet airliner, military ships, surface to air missiles and vice versa.  INSIDE a commercial jet may well be personal.  But to pilot it safely to a runway?  That is epic.

Scenes in a mission will be identified as personal, vehicle, or epic.

Your agent’s Modus Operandi will always be fully useful in at every level.  That’s how good you are!  But your gear and support team members are more specialized.  Your company pistol will not take down an airbus a320. But it will easily take out the pilot once you are inside!

Can you use gear and support team members across levels?  Perhaps.  But how useful will they be?

Why do this?  Extensive play testing has shown me that there needs to be more room for character growth and advancement.  This also adds more flavor, and encourages spreading out one’s character points to a larger variety of gear, support team members, and purposes.




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  1. That’s a cunning answer to a chgeilnalng question

  2. most time you guys right lenghting essay without necessarily giving the require details of the subject matter.pls pls stop bitting around the bush and give the real stuff,one is almost geetting fed up

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