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Agent Dossier now up on our Drivethrurpg storefront!

Deniable Asset: Agent Dossier has been uploaded to my publisher page on  Just click here to go there now.  It is a free download.

Deniable Asset Agent Dossier Cover

20 dossiers that represent all the Agents from Deniable Asset: Hiding in the Mosque and a blank dossier for recruiting your own agent – in both “nice to look at” and “easy on the printer” formats.

Of course, permission is granted to photo copy – or print extra copies – for your personal use.

The Agency does not approve of non-personal use.

Why now?

This is a prelude to the upcoming mission, Red Herring.

Red Herring picks up where Executive Copier left off.  As much as any espionage mission picks up where the previous one left off.  Oh there are tie-ins and an undercurrent of white lies.  The first Scenario gives the Agents a nice high level overview of the mission.  A view from 35,000 feet as it were.  And that will be their exact altitude when the proverbial waste hits the jet stream.  Good luck with that.

I love working on espionage.

Executive Copier let me get my feet wet.  I developed a screen play style of presentation and a certain visual aesthetic that I liked.  Red Herring should take that a step further.  It is also encouraging me to develop the deeper, connected layers of the espionage world.  Just who is behind what, who is paying who, and the all important why.  It is a spider’s web, a cavernous plot spawning endless sub-plots.  It all seems to spiral out of control.  And yet, at the source, there may only be a few players directing this huge production on a stage the size of the world.  But the actors have much latitude and their methods are circuitous at best.  It’s anyone’s guess if what was intended is ultimately what gets accomplished.  If you start at one end you would never find your way to the other.  Best to leap into the middle.

I also love the stories of the NPC agents.  Many of those may never make their way into print – behind the scenes, before the Agents come along, and their “where are they now” futures.

If they get a future.

Here’s hoping we all get a future… in the next mission.

Random Eric.


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