Deniable Asset receives coveted ENnies Judge’s Spotlight Award

As an operative of a top secret organization, anonymity is key.  It is very hard to manipulate stock prices, topple third-world governments, and influence the course of history from the shadows when someone shines the light of day on your entire operation.

We will find out who is responsible for this.  And when we do… well… you will never hear from us again.  Or them.  Mwu-ha-ha-ha!

Not that we don’t appreciate the award.  Quite the opposite.  It will go on our top secret wall of accomplishments that no one will see… except those of you brave enough to take up the mantle of Agent in Deniable Asset!



July 15, 2013 · 7:54 pm

2 responses to “Deniable Asset receives covert ENnies Judge’s Spotlight Award

  1. I’m responsible for this award. Try to catch me. We… ergh… I have a lot of weapons, some WMD, plenty of fake accounts and a nice jet (better than Air Force One). Let’s play, Agents. BUAHAHAHAHAHA 😀

    Congratulations – I was really enjoying this game, even it need some more examples on rules. 🙂

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