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Executive Copier

The first mission for Deniable Asset is coming.  It picks up from the free release from last year, “Deniable Asset: Hiding in the Mosque.”

It will be available in PDF download from as well as in print in our store.

The PDF will be in full color.

I struggled with how to present the printed copy.  I wanted it to be readable and USABLE at the gaming table.  So I am going with a landscape presentation (the same as Hiding in the Mosque) and binding that should allow it to lie flat on the table: saddle stitch or spiral.

It has been too long since the Agents of… we never told you who they work for did we?  Need to know basis, sorry.  It has been too long.  An operation that appears simple on the surface gets twisted rather fast when the Agents discover… sorry, can’t reveal that either.  So much of this is top secret.  For now!


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Deniable Asset Cover

The Cover for Deniable Asset is the last piece to put in place.  We’ll be publishing the game and the first mission, “Executive Copier” shortly.  I just want the cover to show what the game is about.  The book interior will be stark and mysterious.  But the cover.  That needs to scream Deniable Asset!

We are almost there…

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