Deniable Asset: The Chase Scene

Something has been missing.  Ever since I put out “Hiding in the Mosque”  I have been looking over my shoulder… a lot.  Something or someone was following me.  No matter how fast I spun around I only caught a shadow in an alley way, the rustling of a few pigeons in an abandoned industrial complex,  or the stirring of sheets hanging out to dry on the roofs of a crowded European town.  Even during play sessions, something just seemed out of reach.  Then one night, I furrowed my brow and spoke to Brent, “The Chase Scene.  It’s missing.  We need it.”

Of course, Brent says, “I thought of that while I was in the womb, but I waited hoping you would figure that out yourself.”

Brent is always like that: prophetic in his premonitions, always ahead by two steps.  You get used to it.

The Chase Scene.  It is like any other Scene in the Power of 12 Roleplaying System.  Almost.  The difference:  All or nothing.  Winner takes all.  When you decide to chase someone, you better mean it.  That is the gauntlet.  Throw it down if you must.  But if you do, be prepared to finish it.  One way or the other.

More on this as the “thing” comes out of the shadows.  More on this as the sheets part to reveal that which has been missing.


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