Deniable Asset Micro RPG available

Free to download, “Deniable Asset: Hiding in the Mosque” is up on our download store! The core concepts of the Power of 12 and Deniable Asset condensed into 15 pages for your fun and review. A work in progress, I am hoping to get some feedback and hear what your RPG group does with it. I’ll be updating it as feedback comes in. Eventually, I’ll release Deniable Asset in full. There are feedback threads on,, and the Forge ( Feel free to post your feedback and where your group took the mission. Enjoy!

Deniable Asset: Hiding in the Mosque



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2 responses to “Deniable Asset Micro RPG available

  1. Hi – just posted a review on DriveThru & on my site… very nice, looking forward to the full thing!

    • We understand there were some proofreading errors in the current release. We will be correcting those.

      Operations: “So, what do we do with the proofreader?”
      Section Chief: “I want him working a radar tower in Alaska by the end of the day. Just mail him his clothes.”

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