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Great Meeting of the Minds

I meet with my co-developer every Tuesday evening. The ideas fly and on occasion an epiphany leaps to the fore! Tonight was such an occasion. Discussing Of Gods and Relics Brent and I hit upon the crux of why I started this game in the first place: To role-play with freedom, to give story telling back to the GM AND the players, to let those playing the game make it their own.

We rediscovered that through Contested Conflicts. These stem from the basic Law: Anytime you throw dice, you are taking a risk. Even for knowledge. If what you want to know is important enough to throw dice for it, then the knowledge itself is dangerous and if just knowing it can’t hurt you, then the source of that knowledge may well exact a price for your finding out.

Just a tid bit behind the thinking in Of Gods and Relics Vendai.

Have a nice night!


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Vendai Berserker Class

Another  of the exciting classes available for play in “Of Gods and Relics: Vendai”. A small taste of what’s in store!

Vendai Berserker Class Intro

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