Random Encounters is Alive!

This is the home of Power of 12 roleplaying system and related games!



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2 responses to “Random Encounters is Alive!

  1. Power of 12 Roleplaying System…

    Is this the same system used in ‘Of Gods & Relics’?

    • Sorry this took me a long time to respond!

      Yes, ‘Of Gods & Relics’ is based on the Power of 12 Role Playing System.

      Power of 12 is the basis of all our role-playing games such as ‘Deniable Asset’ our modern game of espionage.

      Power of 12 uses 12 sided dice exclusively but its’ real core is the focus mechanic.

      Rather than using “attributes” and “skills” like so many other RPG systems, we decided to go with a role playing first “motivation” based mechanic.

      Characters in all our RPGs have 4 Focuses (each ranging from a value of 3 to 6). And, depending on the situation and the reason your character is taking a specific action, one of the four focuses will be used. This encourages players to play to the strengths of their characters while never being denied the opportunity to complete a quest or mission because some piece of equipment or the right skill was missing from someone’s character sheet.

      That’s it in a nutshell. You’ll have to wait and see when the products come out just how unique and easy to play Power of 12 is!

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