Deniable Asset Agent Accessory Cards!

An anonymous source close to the president has indicated the the government is “concerned” about developments in Central Asia and is considering what our involvement should be.

Further intelligence sources indicate that there is a new release from Random Encounters for their Deniable Asset espionage RPG!

The sources are hush-hush on this top secret matter, but from what we have gleaned from other sources the new product is designed to enhance the player experience by providing an Agent and Espionage tracking system.

At this time we do not know the technology used nor if there are nuclear weapons involved.

Check the top secret link above for more detail.

This message will self-destruct in 5 seconds…

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August 11, 2013 · 9:53 am

Deniable Asset Wins ENnies Judge’s Spotlight Award!

DA Wins Ennies Judges spotlight

Deniable Asset Wins a Covert… we mean coveted… ENNIES Judge’s Spotlight award!

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July 15, 2013 · 8:48 pm

Deniable Asset receives coveted ENnies Judge’s Spotlight Award

As an operative of a top secret organization, anonymity is key.  It is very hard to manipulate stock prices, topple third-world governments, and influence the course of history from the shadows when someone shines the light of day on your entire operation.

We will find out who is responsible for this.  And when we do… well… you will never hear from us again.  Or them.  Mwu-ha-ha-ha!

Not that we don’t appreciate the award.  Quite the opposite.  It will go on our top secret wall of accomplishments that no one will see… except those of you brave enough to take up the mantle of Agent in Deniable Asset!

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July 15, 2013 · 7:54 pm

Recruiting Agents for Deniable Asset

Recruitment notices have been posted on several popular role-playing game sites.  At this time I choose not to reveal those sites in hopes of avoiding connecting the dots for the unwanted eyes who are always watching.

If you have been to one of those sites and decided to join the Agency, I thank you.  The risk you take is greater than you know.  The world owes you a debt.  A debt that can never be repaid.  A debt that, if you are successful, the world will never be aware of.  That’s how we operate.  Zero residual presence.

Thank you for volunteering.  Not that you knew you were volunteering.  That’s also how we operate.  Welcome to the Agency.

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Card Accessories for Deniable Asset

My next endeavor is to add some useful tools for Deniable Asset through cards: Agent cards, support team cards, and gear cards.  Looking at a deck with 12 themed cards for each type.

The cards will take the place of a character sheet and allow for physical placement on the table to allow for easy recognition of which element you agent is in, who is carrying which piece of gear, and which support team members and gear are out of the scenario for healing.


Ready to be filled out by the player!

The next question is… do we provide generic cards for the players to fill out… or pre-filled Agent cards, Gear cards, and Support Team cards… or both!

Pre-Filled and ready to play!

Pre-Filled and ready to play!

If you have an opinion, leave a comment!

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Of Gods and Relics for Dungeon World

I just ran my Wednesday night group through the 1st session of Dungeon World ( using Malaforcia as a backdrop.  Malaforcia is, of course, the world I created for my Power of 12 game, Of Gods and Relics.  Dungeon World is, of course, the indie RPG system that is rising in popularity!

I placed them in the situation of being on the Island of Artis as part of the Oscillian war effort to conquer all lands.  this is roughly 500 years prior to the events in Of Gods and Relics: Vendai (

They have been tasked with protecting the rest of the army as it makes a valiant and strategic retreat.

They discover that their assignment is tantamount to death.  Once all the ships have left they will be stranded there!  You see, the ship promised to them has been partially used to build defenses around the camp.  Wooden defenses made from planks of wood.  So, our ship, while it sits in the harbor, is missing more than a few planks from its hull.  Not good.

Now the players strive to gather supplies (without being noticed) while they plan their survival and exit from this no-win situation.  Having been caught only one of them suffers 10 lashes… I feel bad.

Oh, the enemy they face?  The Artis.  Tribes of humanoid reptilians who the characters have no quarrel with.  You see, most of them were conscripted into the Oscillian army.  Those few who volunteered… well… they had their burning reasons.

Regardless, now they are between a rock and a hard place.

Their only ally seems to be a very dimwitted Oscillian Lieutenant who has a “thing” for Shadow (a female Slovenian Theif).

The cast:

Lore, a male Chartayan Bard

Shadow, a female Slovenian Thief

Centurian, a male Oscillian Wizard

GAH I forget the rest of the names… sure I should have written them down, but it was character creation night and I was too caught up in the fun…

An Auchmach male Druid

An Aagmir male Ranger

and a male Cleric of a race I FORGET!

I’ll toss another entry here in a few days when I can recall all this.

But I must say, what  blast Dungeon World is to play and run.  I love the Move and Consequence system.

It leads to a good amount of role-play and on-the-fly world building, which I like even though I have a very developed world already.  But on the micro level we can determine as we go how the players will triumph over each obstacle.

Anyway, just a tidbit of the set up.

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Deniable Asset is Officially Available for Download!

Deniable Asset (for those of you with security clearance) is available for download on .  The print edition will be coming shortly!  The first Mission, Executive Copier, will arrive shortly as well.

DeniableAsset_frontcover drive thru cover image

In celebration I have penned some fiction: again, you must have clearance!

Fear not, thanks to sophisticated java plugins your retina patterns and finger prints have already been scanned (what do you think those web cams and USB keyboards are REALLY for?!).


Part 1

I should be shocked by this. 

I should be devastated by this. 

I should be curled in the fetal position.

Star takes one look over the railing.  The guard down below hasn’t noticed her.  She leaps.

With practiced precision she brings the weight of her fall, through the heel of her hand, onto the neck of the guard.

The guard collapses as Star lands in a crouch.  She straddles the guard, both her hands gripping his head, and with practiced precision she snaps his neck.  She steps up suddenly, stunned at her own brutality.

How she knows how to do all this is a mystery – the mystery; time for questions later.

Star picks up the guard’s assault rifle.

A little much for guarding a warehouse of basic goods.

She walks along the outer wall, past crates and boxes.  The smell of vegetables and other foodstuffs noticeably absent despite the obvious markings.

Drugs?  Weapons?  Don’t ask questions.  Just get the job done.

Star works her way along the next wall to the metal steps that lead to the office.  A full story up, it overlooks the entire warehouse.  A light is on.  As she quietly ascends the steps, she attaches the silencer to her pistol.  If there is anyone guarding the safe, then she can’t afford to alert anyone else.

She stops just before the last step and peers into the office: one guard, a woman in full Muslim hi jab, and children.  At least ten.  The woman is teaching them.

Now what?

The instructions from the Bureau are very specific: get the files, leave no witnesses, torch the place, and make it look like an accident.  Bullets are generally not accidental.

Star knows she can’t hesitate.  She has to move before they see her.  She steps to the door, pistol ready.  Star opens the door slowly.  Better that they are curious than alarmed.  She steps in and levels the pistol at the guard’s head…

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